Our History

Eastside Church started as a church plant from the Williamsburg Community Chapel.  We have watched God move in many amazing ways along the way and just as the Israelites did it is important to remember what God has done...so to HIM be the glory and the honor forever.  

We began with prayer.  Lots of it.



Eastside Church began meeting at the George Washington Inn during construction of the new building.  The church began to grow.


Our first baptism was held at George Washington Inn swimming pool.  Four people were baptized that day!


July 28th & August 17th we saw God's power.

 Our Sunday AM service on July 28th was extremely traumatic.  Reed Willis’ heart stopped beating right before our service was about to begin.  Reed’s heart did not beat for 23 minutes.  While some members of our congregation raced to the hospital to be with Reed, the rest of us moved into a prayerful worship service.  We prayed for Reed to live.  We prayed that we would one day see Reed lead us in worship again.  Over the next week, we saw many prayers answered.  Reed recovered rapidly without any brain damage.  On August 17th Reed lead Eastside Church in worship again.  God performed a miracle right in our midst.

August 25, 2019 we moved into our new building!



We continue to be awed by God as he continues to move in Eastside and in the surrounding community.  Praise the Lord for the things he has done and continues to do!