We Care about our CONGREGATION & community

Local Resources & Programs Available

Congregational Care

Eastside’s Congregational Care (CC) Ministry exists to support and encourage members of the Eastside family experiencing difficult or stressful life-events such as:

  • the death of a loved one
  • personal health crises
  • the birth of a child
  • and other situations where support from a loving church family is welcomed

We show support in a number of ways relying on the church body of Eastside to come together to provide assistance such as:

  • meals
  • household chores
  • transportation in certain circumstances
  • and thoughtful communications (e.g., calls, cards, emails)

We, as a church body, are to show the love of Christ as the Bible instructs in Philippians 2:4,

“Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”

As needs also exist in the surrounding community that Eastside seeks to serve, the CC ministry includes a “neighborhood” contingency that is able to provide certain support to Eastside’s neighbors in times of crisis, as we did with the Travelodge fire in 2020.

If you consider Eastside your church home (even if you are not yet a member) and are in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at -- care @ ecburg.org

If you are able to assist with supporting the needs of Eastside congregants please also reach out to -- care @ ecburg.org

Additional resources are listed below.

Turning Point

These are challenging times, and Eastside’s Turning Point Ministry is here to give you an extra level of support. Turning Point is not professional counseling but does offer hope in Christ, encouragement, and practical recommendations, including ministry and community referrals, tailored to your current concerns. 

Appointments are available with our Turning Point Director, Ashley Willis (M.A. Pastoral Counseling). To schedule your confidential appointment, please email .

Here's Ashley sharing about fear and God’s love.


Many local organizations exist to provide for immediate needs in way of food, housing, medical and more.  In addition to referring people in need to these resources, consider supporting these groups though donations or volunteering your time.

HOUSE OF MERCY | 10 Harrison Street | 757.254.0664
  • WilliamsburgHouseofMercy.org |
  • near William & Mary Alumni Hall
  • food on a daily basis, plus housing and financial assistance; includes a day shelter
 FISH | 22 Second Street | 757.220.9379
  • WilliamsburgFish.weebly.com |
  • across from McDonald's
  • clothing, personal items, food
  • daily bus service to FISH from the WATA Bus Depot
AGAPE MINISTRY | 3899 John Tyler Highway | 757.808.5887
  • administered by Williamsburg Community Chapel
  • an ideal source for those facing housing or financial crises
Many additional resources are available. Use the link below for a full listing.

List of Community Resources