Lead Pastor Opportunity

We are a church on the move and we are excited about the future!

As Eastside says goodbye to our beloved, founding Pastor, Doug Bunn, our sadness at his departure (and Karen, his equally impactful wife) is met by our anticipation of the great things God our Father will continue to do. Our faith is in Jesus our Savior -- He is the head of our church and in this time of transition we seek His leading, His will, His plans for our future.

Eastside is a friendly, neighborhood, non-denominational church on the east side of Williamsburg, Virginia, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Planted four years ago, ours is a joyful, welcoming, prayer-filled body that desires to make disciples and reach our local community with the Hope of Christ. Eastside was built upon the priority of prayer, Bible study, and outreach.

Eastside now seeks a Lead Pastor who will be a builder -- someone with a track record of growing congregations and developing ministries which target the immediate local community. The Lead Pastor will be responsible for shepherding the congregation, guiding ministries, teaching, conducting pastoral care and vision-casting.

Learn more about the opportunity here. All interested parties are directed to contact Mission:Leadership as they are managing initial candidate screenings.

For any additional information please contact the church office.

  • The PST is currently evaluating seven potential candidates for Lead Pastor role. The team has determined that these seven candidates are worthy of a closer look and so detailed interviews are being undertaken by our search partner, Mission Leader. The team expects to have the results of those deeper interviews during the week of September 25. Following review of the additional information, the team will move into direct interaction with the candidates that continue to impress the team with their potential suitability for Eastside.


Regarding the process for hiring the new Pastor:

  • PST is developing a qualifications grid for the screening of candidates based, in part, on the surveys provided by our congregation. As Mission Leadership (ML) puts forth potential candidates who have completed an initial screening, PST reviews the bios and preaching examples each.

  • As candidates of particular interest are identified, PST will enter into multiple, detailed conversations, while ML conducts deeper background reviews - their personal histories, social media activity, etc. ML will continue to present potential candidates until the PST believes an ideal candidate has been identified

  • Once a candidate is identified for recommendation, PST informs the Leadership Team who will call a special meeting according to Eastside's governance. Following an opportunity to meet and hear from the candidate, the membership of Eastside will vote on whether or not to extend a formal offer.

  • Mission:Leadership (ML), Eastside's search partner, has completed the Opportunity Profile and posted it on the ML website
  • ML has begun promoting the opening to their database of pastors
  • Interested candidates are welcome to contact ML to learn more about the opportunity