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Our Worship Leader, Reed Willis, is doing short-term missions service in Japan!

Lucas and Madi are now in Morelia, Mexico working with YWAM.

OCTOBER 15 update from Madi & Lucas: 

YWAM Pachuca: We spent the first week in Pachuca, Mexico, at the YWAM base. The base leader, Ricardo, had prayed for years for the right time to launch a coffee ministry. When they received my (Madi) email last November inquiring about a coffee ministry to assist with, he saw it as confirmation from the Lord.

On the base, there was a man who had spent his entire adult life as a hitman for the Mexican mafia but had recently given his life to Jesus. Over the past year, he developed a deep passion for being a barista and had been training extensively in coffee even during his time in the mafia. He eagerly embraced the opportunity to become a full-time barista for the coffee ministry, aiming to share the love of God through the coffee he made and the people he served.

The base leader started doing a Bible school the week before we arrived and felt very inspired by the creation story! He thought if God could create the world in 7 days then he could open a coffee shop in 7 days! The Lord provided them with an espresso machine at a great price, they painted the space, posted a logo and bada-bing-bada-boom, the coffee shop opened the day we arrived! He said that having Lucas and I come there to pray for the shop was like receiving prophets!

We felt honored, engaging in productive meetings to understand their vision and develop a marketing plan for the new shop. We look forward to returning at the end of October for another week.

YWAM Morelia: We're also collaborating with Cafe NZA ministry in Morelia, led by Nina and Ramses, who are YWAM Morelia staff. Nina, a Morelia native, and Ramses, from the indigenous community they serve, plan to transition full-time to Veracruz after their recent engagement and upcoming marriage. Once there, they'll exclusively focus on Cafe NZA and community service, stepping away from YWAM staff roles.

Their vision for Veracruz involves championing local coffee beans to build a sustainable economy, aiming for self-sufficiency and reducing the need for external employment. They envision a transformed future with thriving families, stable incomes, improved education and healthcare, and a community free from substance abuse. Their holistic approach includes spiritual transformation through sharing the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom. Currently, we're assisting them in establishing the legal structure for their organization, exploring NGO options suitable for their goals.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety as we travel through areas of very poor infrastructure and dicey roads.
  • Wisdom that any counseling or consulting we do will be wisdom from God and not our own ideas.
  • That our Spanish will continue to improve.
  • That God will work miracles through us and the power and love of God will be shown through us.

At this time, donations to Madi & Lucas are made directly to them and therefore are not tax-deductible. You can also join them in the work by donating directly to their upcoming YWAM mission -- see details on their page.