Community Prayer via Conference Call

by Doug Bunn on March 17, 2020

Good afternoon.

 At 6AM this morning, we decided to cancel our 7AM prayer gathering. By 6:05AM Brenda Williams suggested that we continue to pray together via conference call. So we did it! There was actually one person who prayed at 7AM with the group for the first time. Imagine our community prayer groups growing even as we are prevented from physically gathering together!  That sounds like God to me.  If you would like to pray with us tomorrow morning at 7AM then simply call the following:

 Between 6:55-7:00 call 1(425)436-6330. Access code is 540696.

 Please see the attached document for verses and responsive reading.

 Please also continue to check in with the website.  We are going to be regularly updating the site with helpful tools for listening to God’s leading as He moves us all through this difficult period.   

 Your brother in Christ,


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